Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stop asking me 'How Are You Feeling?'

Ever since I had brain surgery last November and subsequently diagnosed with Glioblastoma and started giving regular updates about the ordeal, many people have been pissing me off by asking me 'How are you feeling?'. I have been totally ignoring them so far (easy to do when the communication is online, difficult when in person), and writing this blogpost to educate everyone about why it is not a good question to ask me.

'How are you feeling?' is a perfectly normal question - a very polite and appropriate one - to ask a person undergoing a normal illness like a fever or something similar. However, it is a stupid question to ask someone in my situation. 

I don't have a fever that has made me sick right now and from which I will recover from in a couple of days and everything will be hunky-dory again. 

What I have is a Death Sentence. A Cancer without a Permanent Cure as of now. 

I am perfectly healthy now, and have been so since recovering from the surgery 2-3 weeks after the surgery. When the tumor does strike again - in a year or two or in 10 years, I won't have time for 'how am I feeling' nonsense; I will be throwing up and losing consciousness on my way to the ER/Hospital for a surgery. Or Dead.

I haven't looked at the gory details of how Glioblastoma kills a person, but I imagine it will be quick and decisive when it happens. 

I am sharing about my experiences with this disease with the hope that it helps/inspires others, and with the hope that it helps me in my ongoing fight with Cancer. Stop annoying me with stupid questions.