Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DuckDuckDeal - Today: Boulder; Tomorrow: The World

One of the companies that made a presentation - and stood apart from others - at yesterday's Boulder New Tech Meetup was DuckDuckDeal. It is a company which provides consumers with the ability - through a smartphone (currently only on iPhone) app or the DuckDuckDeal web page - to receive exclusive offers from local merchants instantly.

Unlike the various coupon/deal sites already available, the key distinguishing feature here is that the merchants have the ability to post an ad-hoc offer with a limited time. This feature allows business establishments to figure out by trial and error which offers elicit best response, and thereby alter their offerings.

DuckDuckDeal has a huge potential for growth as it provides a simple mechanism for businesses of all sizes - especially in the service and food & beverage industry - to fine-tune their businesses with minimal expense. The company is currently operational only in Boulder, and are perfecting the business model before they expand to other areas.

I think DuckDuckDeal has the potential to be the next big thing. Google created an enormous money making machine with the search ads business; DuckDuckDeal could do a similar thing with focused promotions!

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