Monday, February 22, 2010

Secret to a flat tummy

Digged around the internet a bit to learn about belly fat and how to lose it, and the biggest learning point for me was "Just because my father had a huge paunch for as long as I can remember, it does not mean I should have one too" :-)

A couple of useful articles - one on WebMD site, one on Mayo Clinic site give me confidence about being able to lose my small yet noticeable pot belly - something I have taken for granted as an impossible task all my life!

The theory behind the growth of belly fat in men is very simple: Excess fat taken in via food and not burnt up gets stored in the belly area. That is it; as simple as that. The way to lose it is simple as well: As men work on losing weight, the first place the fat disappears is in the tummy area! Can't ask for a better mechanism ;-)

From a personal perspective, I see I can aim to completely flatten my tummy in 2-3 months time with the kind of exercise and diet control plans I have already taken on.

I have been working on a regular and consistent fitness schedule for the last two months - strength training using iPhone apps (for 100pushups, 200situps and 200squats) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and running/cardio training on Tuesday, Wednesday and one of the Weekend days. The intensity of the workout determines the amount of calories burnt, and consequently the amount of weight lost. Now that my goal is to increase my running speed and cut down on my 5K time, the intensity of my workouts is increasing.

The other big part of this effort is portion control - something I can blame my parents for not teaching me when I was younger ;-) I am taking on making a conscious effort to limit the amount of food I eat, mostly based on a rule of thumb estimate.

In this context, I was laughing at recognizing myself in funnyoneliners' recent tweet:
I really need to hit the treadmill tonight after eating so poorly today and yesterday and the last 25 years.
Bye bye little pot belly; you will be missed!


Barbara Calvano said...

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Barbara Calvano said...

I go some good info for the 'stubborn belly fat'! barbara calvano