Monday, February 22, 2010

A primer on FOTC

The world can be divided into two parts - first is the fortunate ones who love Flight of the Concords (FOTC), and the second is the not-so-fortunate ones who are blissfully unaware of FOTC's existence. This post is for the second set of people. You are welcome, folks ;-)

Met this guy in the pic today at a play in NYC, and remembered having seen him in a FOTC video, and that led to the blog post.

If you have absolutely no clue about who/what FOTC is/are - or if you just want to relive the pleasures of watching FOTC, click through the following links to YouTube and enjoy the videos! (Also, most of these videos have the lyrics in the info section - adds to the fun!)
Flight of the Conchords rules!

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