Sunday, February 14, 2010

Job as Social Networks Manager for President Obama - wouldn't that be cool!

On Friday evening, tweeted about an awesome job opportunity - The role of Official Social Networks Manager for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America - someone who would manage @BarackObama twitter account, among other things. Check out the full job description on President Obama's website.

This is one job description that really inspired me, and made me realize I am not aiming high in my career aspirations so far, and have been getting along with maintaining the status quo so far. After an evening spent grappling with all the reasons why I shouldn't apply ("There will be thousands of applicants for this job", "I don't have all the necessary qualifications", "I am not the right guy for this job", "There is no point in trying", blah blah blah), I convinced myself that it is better to apply and not get it than not apply at all. Prepared a brand new resume and applied for the job by Saturday noon!

Of course, there will be hundreds of thousands of applicants rushing in their resumes for this highly prestigious job; and am sure there will be many - in thousands - who will be a better match for the requirements than I am. However, if by some fortuitous circumstances, I do get called for the interview, there will be nothing like it :-)

The job has amazing potential to make a difference - not just for the US but for the entire world. After-all, the internet is not just for the US, but has a significant penetration world-wide. ;-)

So far President Obama's team has had amazing success in reaching out to people at the grassroots level through various means, including the Social Media Networks - Facebook, Twitter & MySpace. As far as I know, the social media tools are being used only as a public announcement system, and not for interactivity purposes. Of course, when every entry on President Obama's Facebook page generates feedback in tens of thousands - most of which are likely to be 'noise' - it is really difficult to separate 'signal' and possibly act on it. However, if the team working with the President is capable of putting in place at least some interactivity in a manageable manner on the social media tools, that would totally transform how a current President relates to the general pubic. And would change the face of governing beyond recognition!

A month ago, there was an interesting story on about Newark Mayor Cory Booker responding to a tweet, and shoveling for a NJ resident. The President of the US of course cannot possibly be expected to get involved at such intimate level, given the scope and magnitude of his domain & responsibilities. Nevertheless, I wonder how amazing it would be if the Social Media Networks enable some sort of a interactive capability between the President & the Public!

A related development yesterday was of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs signing up on Twitter and tweeting for the first time. He has been welcomed with both praise and insults. The world can only get better as more and more people take to Twitter (and other Social Media Networks)

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