Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exploring "Commitment"

In the context of signing up for the Legacy Discovery Weekend Course, I got to learn a whole new meaning of "committing to something". As one of the men put it, what was being asked of me was 'to commit to doing the course and say eff it to everything that might come up in the way of me fulfilling on this commitment.' Made me wonder about my commitment to the various commitments I have already taken on either with full awareness or assume with not much examining. There are very few things I am really committed to in my life at this point. While I am involved with / taken on / dabble with many things and projects, there are only a handful I can say I am 'committed to' in the sense mentioned above.

As it turned out, my commitment to do the Legacy Discovery Course was put to an immediate test as the dates for the course (Apr 30 - May 2) conflicted with the NJ Marathon (May 2) that I had registered earlier for. Giving some thought about which one I should choose, I realized my commitment to run the marathon wasn't really there, and hence I decided to drop it in favor of the weekend course.

A corollary wisdom I subscribe to is 'Take on more commitments to expand one's life'. More often than not, this has turned into taking on too many things without really intending to see them through to completion.

I am fortunate to be in a perfect spot in my life at this moment where I have a chance to explore my priorities, examine my various commitments, and give up those that really don't mean much to me. And take on new commitments that would fire me up with excitement and passion! A new job/career, a move to a new place very soon & exploring a whole new world of dating and relationships - it couldn't get any better!

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