Thursday, January 28, 2010

Movies ranked #1 the most weeks & Avatar

The movie Avatar has been the number 1 movie in US for the past six weeks, and is expected to be at the top for a couple of weeks more at least. Rather surprisingly, it is no where near the top of the list of movies that has been number 1 for most weeks. In fact, if it holds out for two more weeks, it will only tie for the 10th place.

The list of top ten movies that held the number one ranking for the most weeks has some very surprising entries. There is no surprise about the first two though - with E.T. The Extra Terrestrial being the number one on the list with 16 weeks, and Titanic being the second one with 15 weeks. In addition to the movie's might, the timing of the other releases is key as well for a movie's length of run at the top. It would be very difficult for any movie to beat E.T. The Extra Terrestrial's record.

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