Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes, I do like Christmas songs... (a few of them)....

The day after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of Nov) is the unofficial kick-off of Christmas Season here in the US. One thing that signifies this more than anything else is the FM radio stations starting to play Christmas songs. Some stations even turn themselves into a 24 hour caroling machines. While I don't mind an occasional 'Jingle Bell' or a 'Feliz Navidad', being subjected to it non-stop during the day is something I prefer not to put myself through.

In this context, an annual Christmas related activity is the re-programming of the favorite channels on my car radio. All 24-hour-Christmas-songs-stations get a pushover in favor of other previously-rarely-heard stations just because they are not jingling all the time.

Don't get me wrong, It is not that I don't like them at all. There are a handful of Christmas songs among my favorites to listen.

There was one particular Christmas Instrumental tune - filled with majestic movements & swings in sound - that is a special favorite of mine, but I did not know what it was called or who plays the music. On some reflection, the one thing I could figure out about the song was that a similar tune was used in a Garmin commercial on TV/radio. With that piece of information, it was time to submit to Lord Google for answers. And give answers he did!

So the name of the song that I was looking for was 'Carol of the Bells'.

Looking up on Youtube for 'Carol of the Bells', I didn't find the one I wanted immediately. There were quite a few versions of this song, and among them was this delightful version sung by Celtic Woman:

There is something about an all-female ensemble group singing in unison!

A few spots down from the Search result on Youtube - after checking out a few versions of the song, I found the one I was looking for - The Instrumental version done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! Here it is - for your viewing & listening pleasure:

Once in a while over the next couple of weeks, I will switch over to the 'hidden' FM stations; I might discover a new favorite.

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