Friday, December 11, 2009 is on-line is finally launched!!

Well, it is not entirely true though. I did have this domain for a while (couple of years) and had redirected it to my main blog at the time. Now I have decided to discontinue all my other blogs and use this one alone in the future.

I have been a very irregular blogger, and in fact have not blogged at all in recent months. My intention now is to resuscitate this habit and develop it into a hobby, blogging on a regular basis.

To hold myself accountable, here are my stated goals for this blog/personal website:
  1. Keep it interesting.
  2. Write a blog post at least once a week. (There is going to be a deluge in the first few weeks as there are quite a few ideas welled up in my mind)
  3. Write about stuff to open up new doors and brings new people / opportunities into my life.
There will be a lot more refinement of the blog layout, the content, and the objectives over the next few weeks/months. For now, without much ado, I would like to hit 'Publish post' button on this and move out the starting gate!

A final Thank You note before going: Thanks to my buddy Krishnan Palaniappan for encouraging me to start blogging initially, and for again pushing me gently to take it up seriously. The Your Blog is Your Mothership link he shared with me will be the guiding light in this effort to create an expanded identity through this blog.

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Ravi said...

Congratulations on your new blog domain. Hoping to see more posts from you!