Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2000s - The decade of "Prakash Murthy" "In America"

As the 'Noughties' come to an end in a few days, giving way to the 'twenty-tens', there has been a deluge of 'best of/worst of the decade' articles in the mainstream media. Looking over one such list today, it stuck me that the Noughties decade does indeed mark a couple of significant milestones in my life.

The first one is, it is literally the first decade of "Prakash Murthy"!

I got my name legally changed to Prakash Muthy at the end of 1999, after being N. Prakash in school records, and Namagundlu Prakash in my first passport. If possible, I would prefer to go just by my first name, like some of the rockstars :-) The original name in the passport started to become an embarrassment during my first visit to US in 1998, and very soon it became one other thing I hated about myself. During a 3-4 month break from career during 1999, took time to get my name legally changed in India. It was a simple procedure though - had to file an affidavit in the court, and then put out advertisements in a couple of newspapers announcing the name change.

Some anthropological study would probably have a better explanation about why significant portion of the population in Karnataka state - specifically those in the southern part of the state - have the habit of naming their kids with initials, and with no proper last name. Nevertheless, that is something that has annoyed and embarrassed me no end. And these days I do make some efforts to ensure that a new-born among my relatives back home does get named properly before their birth certificate is made.

The second major mile-stone the 2000s decade commemorates is my shifting from India to United States - from living with my parents for the most part, to leaving the nest and making it on my own in the wide world! After about 6-8 months of working towards shifting my career base from India to US, I finally arrived in New York in the early part of June 2000. And have been here ever since. While there have been moments when I have come very close to calling it quits and heading back to India, overall I have done well here in the United States and am well on my way to build something remarkable with my being in New York.

Looking back at the decade reflectively, I am proud of the things I have accomplished, the goals I aimed at, what I didn't accomplished, the risks I took, the risks I did not take, the experiences I let myself into, and where I have ended up. There were heartbreaks. There were triumphs. There were periods of desolation and drifting. There were periods of furious energy and enthusiasm.

Overall, it has been a memorable and satisfying decade. The 2000s decade would be a decade when "I grew up"!

Looking forward to the next decade and the rest of 21st Century with quiet confidence, hope, and excitement.

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Ravi said...

Interesting to know about your name change. I too have no last name and did not take the effort to legally change my name.

Congratulations on completing a decade in U S of A.