Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being a Runner - The Future I am living into

In this blog post, I intend to spell out what it means for me to be a Runner, what I want to accomplish in this area over the years.

Last Wednesday I registered to run the NYRR Brooklyn Half-Marathon and that led to a whole new level of inspiration, re-dedication and enjoyment in my running. Prior to that, I had been avoiding running altogether for a while and was running on and off, but with not much commitment or direction. After completing the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 24, 2008 I had stopped running altogether, using Winter as an excuse. Even after winter was done, my attempts at running regularly were failing - runs were few and far in between.

Committing to run a Half-marathon changed all that! I found it easy to make time to run; and while running it was easy to keep myself motivated to run the long distances with the goal of doing well at next Saturday's Half-marathon!!

I am inspired by this past week's happening to take it further and create for myself what kind of future I want to live into as a Runner! And I am confident of taking this on in other areas of my life as well - areas which need some "breathing-life-into"; areas I have given up on, and am putting up with.

Running has been an important part of my life for the past three years. I ran my first 5K race in October of 2006. The pride of accomplishment on completion had shot through my general sense of worthlessness to make me feel good about myself after a very long time; it would not be an exaggeration if I said that was the first time in my life I was proud and happy about myself. Running was a natural anti-depressant for me at that time! From then on, Running has been a key part of my life, and I identify myself as a runner most of the time.

For a person who has avoided all physical activities in childhood / youth, becoming a Runner has been a ticket to physical fitness as well.

Here is what I want to be accomplishing in the area of Running over the years:
  • Goal # 1 : Complete a minimum 3 miles run at least three times a week! Running is an activity I can do anywhere. Running 3 miles will take less than half an hour. Running at-least 3 miles three times a week will provide me a base level of fitness for the type of active life I want to have! Regular running will also encourage good eating and sleeping habits.
  • Goal # 2 : Run at least 2 marathons a year! To make it easy to accomplish Goal # 1. Having marathoners like Dr. Ashis Roy among my friends, it's only natural that I take on running marathons regularly. This year, I will be running The Self-Transcendence Marathon on Tuesday, Aug 25th and the New York City Marathon on Sunday, Nov 1st. I will have the privilege of running with Dr. Ashis Roy at the Self-Transcendence Marathon!
  • Goal # 3: Run the Boston Marathon by 2015! This goal makes the first two goals easy to accomplish. To qualify for Boston Marathon, I have to complete a qualifying marathon within 3hrs 15min. Right now, I have completed one marathon in 5hrs 47min. Lot of running to do to get there!
That is all! That is all I want to accomplish as a Runner in life! And flying off the self-confidence and self-belief engendered by the successes in this area of my life, I will cause miracles in other areas of my life, and be a super-contributor for everyone in my life!

The future I am living into just got a whole lot brighter!!

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