Monday, June 9, 2008

Four score and seven years ago ....

On my drive back from DC yesterday after meeting with Dr. Ashis Roy, I took the long way back and stopped over at the Gettysburg National Military Park - a place I wanted to visit for long. Having learned about the Civil war during the road trip with Jon Hoffman last summer, and having visited the Vicksburg National Military Park during the same road trip, I was very keep to visit Gettysburg - a must see place for a Civil War buff!

It is appropriate that I visited Gettysburg at this juncture when I am questioning my commitments - or the lack of commitment. Hoping that President Lincoln's invitation "........ It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work....." as part of the Gettysburg address to inspire me to dedicate myself to my unfinished work and commitments.

The theme emphasized many times at the Gettysburg National Park is "A New Birth of Freedom" - taking a piece off Lincoln's address at Gettysburg. It is an apt description of Gettysburg's role - or for that matter, the Civil War's role - in American history. It can also serve as an apt metaphor for a periodic rebirth on a personal scale - an instance of one such periodic rebirth I have been engaged in at the moment.

The History Channel movie, the museum exhibits, the walk through the Cemetery, the Soldier's National Cemetery monument where Lincoln stood while he delivered the Gettysburg Address, the monuments to the thousands of soldiers who fought and died at the Gettysburg battle - all are quite inspirational!

Took a few photos with my iPhone; check them out at the Gettysburg Visit Set on my Flickr Account.

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