Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodies from the Seth Godin Seminar

Finally got around to write about the Day Long Seminar with Seth Godin I was at more than two weeks ago. It was a very impressive day; as I was telling my friends at Landmark, this Seminar was like Landmark Forum for Businesses - cutting through the filters and blindspots of the business people who had come to the Seminar.

One had to be there to get the juicy stuff!! Here in this post, I will try to list out a few fringe benefits that I got out of the seminar.

First and foremost, I got an All Marketers Are Liars NOSE !! Actually I did not get it; I took it from the guy who got it as he did not want it.

Seth riffed on the RunWalkIndia web-site and the business model of the company and that has given me quite a bit to work with. More about this on the RunWalkIndia blog.

Here are a few things - in random order - that I thought would be of use in the future:
  • Basecamp : Web based Project management, collaboration, and task software.
  • : An eccentric web-site selling only one item per day!
  • BatchBook : Small business CRM; one of the fellow participant's company.

One insight Seth shared from his experience at Yoyodyne:
Have people change their desk - bag baggage and all - to a new desk at work on a regular basis. It is a simple and effective way to have people be adjusted to constant change.
Ain't that simple and insightful?!

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Miguel Cavalcanti said...

Hello Prakash, thanks a lot for the contact.

The seminar was great.

Best wishes, Miguel