Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The First Marathon of My Life

Finally got the courage to aim for completing a marathon. And have zeroed in on running my first marathon at the 2008 Self-Transcendence Marathon on Friday Aug 22nd at the Rockland Lake State Park - close to Nyack, New York.

I am moving beyond the 5K and 10K races I was aiming to complete - and be happy - for the past couple of years, and going for the GOLD! The 26.2 miles gold standard of running!!!

And why wouldn't I do it? I can have everything I want!!

People in my circle have been of great inspiration in my effort to build on my 'running' successes.
With so many marathoners in my circle, any surprise I have succumbed to the temptation to run a marathon myself?

I have a little less than 15 weeks till Aug 22nd. I am starting on a customized version of the 18 week Novice program Marathon training schedule provided by Hal Higdon.

My Objectives in participating in this Marathon:
  • Have Fun!
  • Complete the distance. No attempt to break the World Record!
  • Find out for myself how far I can stretch myself!
It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside......


bill said...

Why is it that completely a marathon is considered an incredible feat?

If it was tens of thousands wouldn't be doing it every weekend.

Its a marketing ploy for a largely sedentary population, to make them feel good about something most people could accomplish with a reasonable amount of fitness.

prakash murthy said...

Thanks Bill, Interesting view point. I always thought it to be an extra-ordinary feat to finish a Marathon - something I could do "someday" in the future. Only now after seeing so many people in my circle do marathons, I am motivated to do one myself. In a couple of years, after having completed a few marathons myself, I too will rant about people making a big deal of marathons ;-)

truly simple is complex said...

good luck murthy. for your maiden marathon......am from india... belong to chennai runners group

prakash murthy said...

Thanks Kabbir for the encouragement! I look forward to run in similar events in India soon!