Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't forget to eat your fish

Heard this anecdote from a Landmark Forum Leader a while ago and it has been on my mind for a while as a perfect item for my Stories Blog. Incidentally for those who don't know what the blog name is all about : Kathegalu is Stories in Kannada - my mother tongue.

Back to the story of eating one's fish.

A chinese American woman was at the Landmark Forum, and was venting her anger towards her mother. Her mother - among other things - had been annoying her for years by saying "Don't forget to eat your fish today" every day as her daughter walked out of the door.

After sorting out all the other complaints the woman had towards her mother, the Landmark Forum Leader said to her "Do you realize asking you to eat fish is the way your mother shows her love towards you?"

The woman was stumped but got what it meant. She went back home and the next time her mother said "Don't forget to eat your fish today", she went over to her mother and hugged her telling "Thank you for loving me so much".

Brings tears to my eyes whenever I remember that story.

Question to you my dear reader:
Is there anyone in your life who is reminding you to eat your fish and you are not seeing the underlying deep love?

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