Monday, April 28, 2008

Pick up that trash

Yes, pick up that piece of garbage off the street and put it in a Garbage can. What better way is there to immediately contribute to a better world.

On one of the days I was in Bangalore and was visiting the Jayaprakash Narayan Park, I started picking up glass bottles, plastic covers and other trash dumped in the park - collect them in a bag and threw the bag into a garbage can. Kumar's 5 year old daughter Bhavana accompanied me on this adventure repeating what I said once : "People don't have sense", and picking up stuff herself and pointing me to other pieces of trash. At the end of half and hour, we had quite a collection.

More than the physical items we collected, what really impressed me was how quickly Bhavana got it, and got into the game. It is no surprise kids are much easier to transform.

With the intention of raising awareness about keeping the park clean and taking pride in doing so, we are organizing a Namma Park JP Park Run (Our Park JP Park Run) on Sunday May 4th. Along with a Kids dash and a 1K walk / run for the elderly people, we will have a cleanliness drive, where people will go around the park with a bag in hand collecting trash items.

I am pained to see the same kind of apathy and lack of pride in our surroundings pervading the area where I live in Jersey City.

Now whenever I see a piece of garbage while walking in my neighborhood, I pick that piece of garbage off the road and move it to where it belongs - a trash can. Hopefully that will inspire others to clean up after them as well and make it to a cleaner neighborhood.

I wonder if there is an easier way to contribute to a better world.

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pkrishnan said...

I totally agree. I am going to do this too.