Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding ways to lose customers

Here is my attempt at a Seth Godin-esque blog post:

I made a few calls earlier yesterday to inquire if any of the toy stores in my neighborhood in NJ have Rubik's' Cube. A couple of Toysrus outlets mentioned they don't have it. Then I remembered the last time I bought a Cube was at the K B Toys store in Manhattan mall.

Googled to get the contact number for one K B Toys store near Bridgewater, NJ. On calling the 908 number I got, an automated message informed me that the number has changed to a toll free 888 number. I was appreciative of the fact that K B Toys - a nation-wide chain store was switching to a common toll free number instead of one local number for every store.

The 888 number took me through a tedious Q & A session before asking me if I wanted to switch to the local store. I said yes, and the line was switched .... and I was back to hearing the "This number has been changed to a toll free 888 number" message

Had no patience to pursue it further in any other K B Toys. On a hunch that WalMart has everything, I drove over to the local WalMart, picked up a couple of Rubik's Cubes and went happily to visit my friend.

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Anonymous said...

Toys R Us and Babies R Us are known for their "Customer Service"