Saturday, March 8, 2008

To be or not to be ...... in ILP

I am grappling around a very tricky proposition over the past day or so:
Should I continue with the Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education? Or should I drop out in the interest of having more time to dedicate to my other more important & demanding priorities - mainly my entrepreneurship venture?
Participating in and completing the Introduction Leaders Program has been one of my stated objectives for 2008. I definitely want to do it; I see immense value in doing it. Question is :
Can I do it now, when I am taking on a highly unstructured life-style with plans of starting a business on my own - as early as April 1st?

ILP will be a good way to continue my association with Landmark, and benefit from the nurturing and positive environment at Landmark. An unrelated mail from my father yesterday further emphasizes the value of Landmark Education Courses in my life, all but sealing the decision. I want to be the instrument of transformation through Landmark, and why shouldn't I continue in the effort by being in ILP now?

The intense time demands of the course is what is making it difficult for me to decide on participating now; the fact that I could continue with the course in Bangalore and Denver (should I move there for the Summer) adding another argument in favor of continuing now. ILP is a demanding course: Over the next six months till Oct 3rd 2008, I will have to commit two evenings per week, four full week-ends, some additional time to do the assignments, and quite likely some more time for the socializing around Landmark and the course.

The next few months are going to be crazy with my life taking a steep trajectory in an unknown direction. And it is better spent with the structure provided by ILP and the support, motivation & encouragement I can get from the course-mates, and having the satisfaction of working towards an important personal goal, rather than be weighed down with a regret of what could have been or would have been. It is going to be challenging, and I am up to the challenge!

I am the master of my life. I choose to be in the Introduction Leaders Program.

At the end of this course, I am sure I will be better skilled at managing my time, and wondering what the fuss was all about at the beginning.


AlfonsoG said...

Interesting post! As someone who's done the ILP and have an extremely busy life, I've had the paradoxical experience that the best time to launch a new project is when I've been most busy. Cutting back on my commitments in life rarely seems to get things done. It's like the old saying "If you want something done, ask a busy person."

It was in the ILP that I found the time to write fiction again, something I'd dropped years before as a result of being "too busy."

I think this is because when I'm being powerful, I get more and more productive and am able to handle more and more stuff. When I'm at my laziest, I get less and less productive and can handle less and less.

Anyhow, I hope your new business goes great hand in hand with the ILP! I read somewhere that some large percentage of people in the program have career breakthroughs, which wouldn't surprise me.

By the way, here's a site that may inspire you--Showing results created by some very busy people!

Anonymous said...

dude. don't drop out. it's like 4 classes... geez.