Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank you note to an inspirational figure

Recently I had a miscommunication with some of my friends where I had assumed to have informed them about something but they had no idea about it. We put the topic to rest by saying that I had told it in my mind. This is not similar situation, but it is very close to being one.

I am highly indebted to Ben Casnocha for being a huge inspiration over the past few months since I read his book My Start-up Life. I have talked about him and the book with my friends, on the Shelfari Entrepreneurship group discussions, gifted the book to a few of my friends and recommended it to some more, have been following Ben's blog posts regularly and gained valuable insights, and have been in communication with Ben himself - to thank him for writing the book. I guess it is not a matter of being ungracious that there has been no blog post dedicated to Ben Casnocha on my blog so far.

So here is my official thank you note to Ben Casnocha through the Blogosphere. I take this opportunity to elaborate on what appeals me about Ben's books and his blog.

My Start-up Life instilled new life into my entrepreneurial ambitions which hitherto were only wishful thinking at best. The book made me believe in my ability to achieve success in business. I am convinced of the value of entrepreneurial spirit in making the world a better place.

Ben's accessibility and openness - through the book, the blog, and his speedy & thoughtful responses to personal emails - makes him a trusted 'friend' I have made over the internet.

Dear Reader: Fortune or serendipity or bored browsing has brought you to this blogpost; Take it as a sign that the powers-that-be are telling you to go to the nearest book-store and buy yourself a copy of Ben Casnocha's My Start-up Life!

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