Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Magical week ahead. Take a deep breath.

I have taken the next week off from work. I want to spend the 9 days from Mar 1st to Mar 9th on my personal goals, specifically the main goal about starting out on my own in the Trading Software Best Practices Space.

I have embarked on a remarkable journey filled with courage, integrity and self-confidence ever since I attended the Landmark Forum course in June last year. I took pro-active steps to address my dissatisfaction at work, went on a road-trip across USA, re-invented myself, bravely made a plan for a spectacular 2008, and made things such that I am much more happy and satisfied about myself.

I have been doing well in terms of the progress on each of the items on my plan for a Spectacular 2008; Time to take it up a few more notches!

I want to move things forward on my entrepreneurial ambitions during next week. As I was saying to Manju earlier today:
starting on my own is the primary goal, and making sure that I don't go down in flames while doing so is the primary++ goal
Guy Kawasaki's The Art of the Start, Seth Godin's The Bootstrapper's Bible, and Rajesh Setty's Entrepreneur Pack will be my guides / references in my efforts next week. Given that I won't be starting out with a number of people with deep pockets ready to support me, Bootstrapping Concepts will be of tantamount importance.

While the above books and more will be of immense value in my adventure, I will be able to get something out of them only by DOING things. My emphasis should be to come up with actionable items based on the advice in these books and go about accomplishing each of the tasks. Proper due diligence at this stage will ensure I have a decent chance of succeeding in my goals.

A few technical tasks I want to accomplish next week:
  • Buy a lap-top
  • Set up a Personal Wiki on my desktop / laptop.
  • Install a Mindmapping software (MindManager)
As part of my effort towards starting up on my own, I have to meet up with / speak with / write to many of my friends and acquaintances in the New York / Financial Technology world. In addition, I also want to get in touch with the next door NJCU Business Development Incubator to build relationships which could facilitate my venture.

Next Friday is the first session of the Introduction Leaders Program I have signed up at Landmark Education. At this moment, I am committed to participate fully in the six month course, and complete the course. However, if I find the work-load of the course to be becoming detrimental to my entrepreneurial venture, or if I don't find value in the objectives of the program, I am willing to pull out of the program.

The magic week will start off with a dinner with Rebe and end with the four mile run in Central Park as part of the New York Colon Cancer Challenge. In between, I will indulge myself with at least one day on the Ski Slopes. I would no doubt deserve the break after the hard work.

Let the Magic begin!

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