Thursday, February 28, 2008


Am onto the Facebook bandwagon now - for the past few days. The site is well-structured, user friendly and filled with lots of interesting stuff. Excellent way to keep in touch with friends!

Had a very amusing experience right at the beginning:
On signing up with Facebook, I sent an invite to all of my friends who were on Facebook already (based on my email address book) to add me as their friend. For one of the invites I sent, I got an acceptance from a 16 year old kid in a High school in Brooklyn, to my amusement and surprise. The friend who I had invited was in her 30s; so I was wondering if I had a wrong email ID or had spelled the email ID incorrectly. Both turned out to be negative.

On informing my friend about this incident, she confirmed that the kid who had accepted my invitation was her 10 year old son, using her email ID and pretending to be a 16 year old on Facebook, to get around the restriction that only people 13 and older can sign up on Facebook!

Hope the kid did not get into too much trouble because I ratted him out.

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