Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Veni Vidi Vici

These days I am all-consumed with entrepreneurship - learning about starting a business, the history of successful companies, biographies of successful Entrepreneurs, and even advising people on entrepreneurship-related questions on Shelfari web-site.

The guy who started the Entrepreneurship group on Shelfari - Kevin Carlow - turns out to be a successful new-entrepreneur himself. He is the co-founder of Vici Enterprises, along with his University of Minnesota class-mate Nick Beste. Vici Enterprises is the holding company for the companies Kevin & Nick have started currently and hope to start in the future.

Wish Kevin and Nick - who are 22 and 20 respectively - the very best in their effort to "Conquer".

On a personal note, I am immensely pleased to be cited on Kevin's blog w.r.t. my comments about Ben Casnocha's book - My Start-up Life. I guess this is the first time someone is citing my name in their blog post.

I have a place to go to when I am all consumed with self-doubt next time!


EG said...

wow-what-a-nice-post would describe it (ofcourse wish i had written it before you did :)

b.k. said...

Yes dear you will be noticed across the world, I should congratulate you and take some pride to myself to have a wonderful friend as you