Saturday, December 22, 2007

A victory over the past

For the first time in my life, I solved the Rubik Cube today! Twice at that! And before the day is over, I will probably solve it another 3-4 times

The fact that I had help in that the instructions on a web-site helped me to solve the last layer doesn't diminish the fact that the successful solving of a Rubik Cube is a huge victory over the past for me.

I must have come across the Rubik Cube around 20 years ago. It proved to be an unconquerable peak; something only the very brilliant and very smart kids can solve. I was too dumb to be in that elite category of people

The failure added to the my sense of inferiority, along with all the other things that were feeding the "I-AM-NO-GOOD" thinking.

Now I find it amusing that a couple of years ago I was desperately hoping that if I am able to solve the Rubik Cube, I will be able to regain a lost love! Wishful thinking in the time of intense emotional suffering.

Given this back-ground, I am indeed proud of myself for being able to solve the Rubik Cube. Am gonna party like there is no tomorrow

And in a few days figure out the algorithms to solve the Rubik Cube with no external help.

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