Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Magnificence of European (Western) Classical Music

I don't know much about classical music. My exposure to it has been minimal over the years, listening to some of it while in the elevator ("Elevator Music" and "Wallpaper Music" seem to be the derogatory terms for this genre of music), or inadvertently on the radio or TV.

The movie Amadeus was the first major introduction to Classical Music I received. Hollywood's dramatized rivalry between the Maestro Wolgang Amadeus Mozart and the 'pretender' Antonio Salieri is an amazing movie including some of Mozart's masterpieces in the sound-track. The story behind these music pieces made me more curious about this type of music, in addition adding it to my listening range.

Looking forward to see the movie Immortal Beloved - hollywood's take on Beethoven's life.

The kickass classical website has great info about many popular composers and their best works.

Here are some of the Classical Music pieces I have discovered over the period of time, and like them for their magnificent impact on the senses:

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