Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate Blogs : de rigueur in the near future

Came across The Corporate Blogging Book while browsing at one of the NYPL branches in Manhattan today. Author Debbie Weil has dealt in detail on the topic of Corporate Blogging and makes it very simple and clear for readers to appreciate the benefits of blogs for Corporations. Numerous examples of Corporate and CEO Blogs are mentioned. Her blog has links to some Top CEO and Exec Blogs.

I have long been convinced of the benefits of blogging, and am of the opinion that the need for transparency & richness in Company-Customer and Company-Employee relationships will ensure that more and more companies will get onto the blogosphere in the future. This book backs my belief with solid proof.

Got to know about the concept of TinyURL through her blog. Had come across it while using the Corporate Wiki, and had assumed it was a concept local to each Wiki; surprised to know that is not local but applies globally to the web.

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