Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pioneering spirit...

I bought the newest and the hottest gadget on the market today - iPhone!!!

Spent almost an hour playing with an iPhone at the Apple store before buying it, convinced of its utility and ease of use. It will be very useful on my road-trip.

Phone, music, access to maps and youtube, personal productivity tools like Calendar & calculator, internet access, and more, all in a cute tiny package and extremely user-friendly!

All hail Apple Inc.

Next thing I want from Apple and AT & T /.... : Affordable world-wide coverage!


piper said...

Congratulations on the iPhone! :)
I'll probably buy it once tmobile has it. Tell us how you like it...

prakash murthy said...

So far it has been great! Very user friendly; the Apple guys have given a lot of thought in making it very intuitive. From a mail, I click on a phone number and it switches to the phone automatically! I haven't used the ipod-functionaity yet; read in papers that the music seamlessly gives way to the phone call when it rings.

AT & T coverage is decent; had coverage in Yosemite and some parts of Yellowstone. In city areas, the coverage is great.

No regrets so far with the purchase. Self-fulfilling prophecy.... :-)