Tuesday, June 12, 2007

True transformation can indeed happen!

I spent three days (Fri 8th to Sun 10th from 9:00 AM to almost 11:00 PM everyday) in a basement in Manhattan with around 130 total strangers. I entered on Friday morning as a person with thousands of unsolvable problems, and left on Sunday evening with a "Bring on the Problems, World" attitude!

I must thank RR for pestering me over the past two years to do this. Of course I called him yesterday to thank him and also mentioned that he will get a kick on his butt next time we meet for not dragging me to the Landmark Forum earlier! My life would have been so much more fulfilling, and a whole lot of trouble I got into wouldn't have happend, if I had attended this seminar before!!

RR was telling me for a long time about Landmark Education and I was always ignoring his entreaties to take up the course. I finally came around recently and decided to attend the Landmark Forum Seminar, and was blown away from the moment I stepped in.

The 130 odd people who had signed up for the Forum along with me each ended Sunday evening as a different person with a new-found confidence in themselves and a better understanding of their stature and interactions with the world.

I did have quite a few break-throughs and achievements during the three days.

On the personal note, I was able to let go of one of the long-persisting notion of inferiority which I had been grappling with for most of my life. It happend just like that. I was doing a 2 minute exercise with my neighbour in class at that time - a black woman. She said something very simple and obvious about my complaint and I - after a brief pause - burst out laughing at the simplicity and the absurdity of the revelation, and was left wondering why I couldn't see it for myself before!

I was able to make huge progress in getting close with my family members. When I joked with my mother about her having to learn English language atleast for the sake of being with my English-speaking-only kids when they are born in the next five years or so, I knew the money I paid for attending the Landmark Forum was worth every penny, and I was being rewarded immensely on the investment.

I also made some breakthroughs in normalising my strained relationships at work. On Sunday afternoon, I called up my boss at his home and had a pleasant - and significant - conversation with him after a long time. I am glad to have turned the tide in the way our relationship was disintegrating. I am very confident that I can build on this small victory and achieve what I want most at work - harmonious relationships with everyone and working as part of a team towards achieving the Organisation's Goals.

In addition to my transformations at the personal level, I am also thankful of this forum for giving me some close friends. Two of my Black/African-American friends had never had Indian food ("because of ignorance" as one of them mentioned) and were very happy that I introduced them to Indian cuisine. Later on as they made significant breakthroughs in their own life, they thanked me for my role in their transformation. I could be flying high in the sky now :)

I don't think I have ever interacted with Homo-sexuals before, and I always have had a thought at the back of my mind that if I ever came face-to-face with someone, I would be embarassed and not know how to behave. There were quite a few Homo-sexuals in this forum, and I had no problem relating to them, and made some good friends by the end of the sessions.

It was amazing to see the transformations in each and every participant. The most astonishing transformation was of one young white woman who started as obnoxious and everyone was referring to her in their private conversations as 'The cynical one' or 'a B***h'. She ended as everyone's favourite at the end of sunday's session after she thanked the Seminar Leader for "conducting the seminar and trying her best to throw her out" and addressed everyone in the audience and said "I apologize to all the people I have been mean to over the past three days." Later on in the day, when she was thanking her boyfriend - who was in the audience - for bringing her to Landmark, everyone in the audience gave her a huge ovation.

I was very impressed with the way the Seminar Leader - a French woman - handled the sessions and the impact she had on the 130 odd people there. At the end of the sessions I decided "I want to be like her. I want to be able to make a difference in the world, 130 odd people at a time over one week-end!" I volunteered to assist in Landmark's courses and have gathered information about what needs to be done to become a Seminar Leader.

This realisation was quite significant for me. I have had a nagging complaint about myself over the past few years that I hate many things about my family, my community, my city, my country, in fact everything associated with my roots, and that is why I 'ran away' to United States. And that I had to earn millions to make a difference back home. Now I know how I can indeed make a difference RIGHT NOW, and I feel liberated from unnatural and unhealthy drives!
I am amazed at the changes Landmark Forum has helped me bring about in myself, and I am sharing it with everyone I know - my family, my friends, my colleagues, the people I meet on the road :) It is a good thing that Landmark Education has a large presence in India and conducts regular seminars in many cities including Bangalore. I told my family members and requested them to attend the seminar. Right now only my father has agreed and others say they are not interested. That is awesome - my infectious enthusiasm affected atleast one person in my family!

I am inviting everyone I know to attend the seminar session today evening, and the more I talk with people about this, the more it becomes clear to me what I am gaining from attending this course. Yesterday, while speaking with one of my friends I realised that one of my rackets is to "prove that I am better/different than everyone else". Thinking about it further I realised I have that need for one-upmanship in reaction to a sense of rejection I experienced as a kid and was trying to gain my parents' affection back by proving that I am better than everyone else. Very typical of the script I wrote for my life as a 5 or 6 year old kid! Now that I know I have this behaviour and understand why I behave that way, it should only be a matter of time before I take this unwanted characteristic out of my behaviour.

I was thinking earlier "If this course is so life-changing and beneficial, why don't everyone benefit from it?" Drawing parallels from my own case, I came up with the following answer: "Everyone can benefit from it, but only when they are ready for it and are willing to receive what it has to offer"

RR was telling me for 2 years and I kept ignoring him. Anusha's untimely and tragic death shakes me to the core, makes me go on a 'emergency' vacation to India to reconnect with my family and friends, return to US with a thorough sense of dissatisfaction about every aspect of my life - family, friends, work,.... - and am desperately looking for some help with these problems and I sign up to Landmark Forum without too many second thoughts, and voila! My life is transformed!

Earlier today I was wondering if all this was a momentary 'high' induced by some master manipulators and that I would be back to being as I was before on Friday. Then I realised it is not temporary; I have it in me to use the things I learnt over the three days in handling every difficulty life throws at me; the friendships I built at Landmark would be my support for life.

World! You have another content and proud man among your billions!!!

As a close friend says "The best way to measure the positivity of this cult is to see how much money they ask you for. On a scale of ZERO = very positive : MUCH = Negatively cynical ;-) "


Anonymous said...

Well I am glad it took you by a storm. I hope it does for others who read this. As you said, every one has to be ready to receive the kind of Transformation. But for others - just be bold and jump in like an adventure in your life. Your relation ships, work, money matters and everything else will change like that.
"Transformation" unlike change is rapid and instantaneous. It cannot be explained, but felt.



Anonymous said...

Landmark is a very controversial group that has nothing to do really with education or business
See this link before you let them mess with your mind or your business.

I noticed the last few days many posts/blogs like this.
This is just a sub-rosa campaign to get an interest going.
It is really a part of LE’s lack of full disclosure.
Pretty much in truth spam
The worst think they do is make you THINK that what they did is a good thing.
It’s not
PS. that French "lady" lied with almost every word she said.