Sunday, June 24, 2007

I can't do this all on my own...

I think I got hooked to Scrubs because it was JHS's favourite show; JHS being a resident at a Boston Hospital at the time I met her first, working some crazy 48 hour shifts at the hospital and having some interesting stories to tell about her work place.

That was 2-3 years ago; now I own all the DVDs of the show, and watch some old episodes when I want a humorous interlude. There are so many episodes which I like to watch and watch again! My absolute favorite is the My Screw Up episode in the third season in which Brendan Fraser has a guest role, and the episode has a sad twist at the end. Other favorites are the one in which Dr. Kelso states "Nothing worth having comes easy in life", the ones with JD's father and brother making an appearance, some episodes with Heather Graham as guest star.

The music associated with the series is one key attraction for me, starting with the Superman single by Lazlo Bane which is the theme song of the series. Some old rock songs featured in the series became my favorites after I listened to them in the episodes and got to see the songs in a new light - most notable ones being Journey's Don't stop believing and Boston's More than a feeling. Turk and the other members of the air-band playing More than a feeling had me listen to the song over and over again for days!!

The lyrics of the theme song Superman:
Out the door just in time
Head down the 405
Gotta meet the new boss by 8 am

The phone rings in the car
The wife is working hard
She's running late tonight again

Well I know what I've been told
You gotta work to feed the soul
But I can't do this all on my own
No, I know I'm no Superman
I'm no Superman

Lyrics continued ....

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