Sunday, June 24, 2007

El Laberinto del fauno

Had read a lot of good reviews and heard extremely positive comments from friends about the movie Pan's Labyrinth. Finally got to watch it on DVD with a few friends recently. It is quite an impressive movie, worth more than the three Oscars it won this year. A story which can be interpreted either as a delightful fairy tale or as a young Girl's delusional fantasy amidst the cruelty and harshness of a Fascist military base in Spain during the WW-II.

The story moves seamlessly between the two worlds the main character Ofelia lives in : The realistic world of soldiers and rebels and a suffering mother; and The Fantastic world of fairies, a Faun, a giant toad and a child eating monster.

I - as well as my friends - got engaged in the movie right from the beginning and came out at the end with a wondrous feeling.

The soundtrack of the movie is very nice.

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