Tuesday, May 29, 2007

When the Superstar came to town...

Another story I had sent by e-mail to friends; this one from Feb 2007

... I was out of the country

I went to Montreal on a client visit and missed a golden opportunity to meet Rajnikanth!!

ok, here is the story from the beginning:
Pradeep Shakti - the guy who played one of the villians in Nayagan - has been in NJ for a while now, and runs a South Indian restaurant in Jersey City - one which I visit regularly. This guy was in Film Institute with Rajnikanth, and has become best buddies with him.

Recently Rajni was supposed to come to US for shooting parts of his new movie Sivaji. He called up this guy and arranged for staying with him while he was in US. Our friend Pradeep gladly went to the airport to receive the superstar and brought him home. Took the superstar on a sight-seeing tour in NY and showed him times square.

Next day Pradeep had called a few of his close friends (some regular customers at his restaurant) for a late-night party with the superstar. My best friend here went to the party and had a good time there - the party going on from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM; rajni and pradeep reminiscing about their early days together. My friend was saying that Rajni was very nice in person, very approachable and joined in peoples' conversations in their own language - telugu, tamil, kannada,...

Earlier in the day, they were having lunch in one of the restaurants in NY, and after 10 minutes people started coming over to their table asking if it was indeed rajnikanth!!

Wonder how it would have been if I were in town and had got to go to that party.....

Post-script: I should get the photos from the party; many of my friends will be happy to see those photos.

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