Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lynne Truss - My heroine

Finished reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves today. Awesomely entertaining book on punctuation. Hats off to the author - Lynne Truss - for writing an informative book on the 'drab' topic. The abundant anecdotes and hilarious send-ups had me laughing out loud on the train while commuting to work!

Given that I am a stickler in many aspects of life - including punctuation - I could relate strongly to the initial discussion on the silent suffering of the few believers forced to live with the non-believing majority.

A believer can co-exist peacefully with the non-believers
  • by finding solace in the company of fellow-believers,
  • by being able to accept the difference of opinions (at best) and lack of awareness (at worst), and
  • learning more relaxation techniques.
Breeeeeeeeeathe deeeeeeeeeeeeply.

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pushkar said...

Hey what a surprise. I just started reading that book too! :)

Its great so far.