Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dr. Laura rocks

She does rock!! I have read some of her books and regularly read some of the letters from her listeners, and I emphatically agree with the frequent sentiment expressed in those letters : "Dr. Laura, you rock!"

Here is an excerpt from her book Ten stupid things men do to mess up their lives - a letter from one of her listeners - which deeply touched me when I read it the first time:


I told myself that I would return to school as soon as the opportunity arose, but the moment never seemed right. I passed up the chance for advancement because it would mean spending time away from my family, and I soon settled into the grind of a 9 to 5 job that I really didn't enjoy. Another daughter came along three years later.

Eventually, I stopped thinking about my photography degree. That didn't stop me from complaining about my job or whining about the sacrifice I was making. I felt as if my family was all I had going for me. I felt like a loser. Somehow, I still missed the point.

It came to me one evening as I sat at the supper table with my wife and daughters, one now 13 the other 10. At first, I was simply watching them engage in the daily ritual of relating their day at school and thinking to myself how beautiful they were as they laughed. I realised that two happy and well-adjust kids sat before me. My wife and I had done something right in getting them to this point in their lives. I was suddenly filled with a deep sense of contentment and accomplishment.

I knew at that moment that I had been doing something worthwhile all these years and it was more worthwhile than anything else I could have been doing. In the process, I had found what many men never found. I had not found it in my work, or the kind of car I drive, or the house I own. I had found a sense of contentment through my family.

I never finished photography school, although I may someday. I continue to shoot photos as a hobby, and feel that my best shots are those of my wife and daughters.

Signed, Tom


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