Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dabbawala - A unique concept restaurant

Had dinner at Dabbawala restaurant on saturday with friends.Set in down-town Summit very close to the Train station, this very unique Indian restaurant paying tribute to a very unique kind of people in Mumbai has a very good ambience, and excellent service. The restaurant has been open 5 weeks ago. The food choice is limited but quite varied and good.

I wonder if such a restaurant can survive for long. "Indian" restaurants are not known for getting into the mainstream consciousness very easily outside of New York City, and the Indian pockets of Edison and Jersey City.

Update on 31 May 2007:
Came across a new restaurant called Tiffin Wallah in New York City today. The owner of this 8 week old joint - who also owns Chennai Garden one block away - mentioned it has no relation to Dabbawala.


Anonymous said...

Hi, saw a nice art on NYT about indian housewives cooking/ supplying lunch in the bay area, pennsylvania, ...

Will pass the url

Anonymous said...

it is:

Edda said...

Dude - freedom to choose, but not to look at the website? looks like I need a user id & password !!!