Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogging for...

Was chatting with PK earlier today; he was convincing me to get serious about blogging, telling me that I write well, and if I can open up my heart, there could be some takers. He went on to say that "Being in love is all about communicating". How true! And I felt that the biggest communication gap I have is with myself - no laughing matter that :( As PK says blogging (or for that matter maintaining a written journal) would be a mature way to go about bridging that communication gap. Something for me to act on.

Given that I am constantly in a state of total self-deprecation, blogging shud give me a way to re-assess the situation, reminding myself of my worth, and see things in a new perspective. The last few days have been of intense turmoil at work and mostly it has been within my mind! I have to get out of the prison I have made for myself at work, and in other parts of my life as well! To be fair to myself, I am doing very good in terms of managing myself recently. My relationship with people and myself has improved quite a bit over the past few months. I still get stuck in a rut - feeling totally worthless and filled with disgust and self-hatred - but am able to struggle through these 'natural' emotions and come on top in some time.

Blogging would definitely improve my sense of self.

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Anonymous said...

yes yes, improving sense of of self should be number 1 priority :)

Just keep flowing. Good luck!