Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dabbawala - A unique concept restaurant

Had dinner at Dabbawala restaurant on saturday with friends.Set in down-town Summit very close to the Train station, this very unique Indian restaurant paying tribute to a very unique kind of people in Mumbai has a very good ambience, and excellent service. The restaurant has been open 5 weeks ago. The food choice is limited but quite varied and good.

I wonder if such a restaurant can survive for long. "Indian" restaurants are not known for getting into the mainstream consciousness very easily outside of New York City, and the Indian pockets of Edison and Jersey City.

Update on 31 May 2007:
Came across a new restaurant called Tiffin Wallah in New York City today. The owner of this 8 week old joint - who also owns Chennai Garden one block away - mentioned it has no relation to Dabbawala.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogging for...

Was chatting with PK earlier today; he was convincing me to get serious about blogging, telling me that I write well, and if I can open up my heart, there could be some takers. He went on to say that "Being in love is all about communicating". How true! And I felt that the biggest communication gap I have is with myself - no laughing matter that :( As PK says blogging (or for that matter maintaining a written journal) would be a mature way to go about bridging that communication gap. Something for me to act on.

Given that I am constantly in a state of total self-deprecation, blogging shud give me a way to re-assess the situation, reminding myself of my worth, and see things in a new perspective. The last few days have been of intense turmoil at work and mostly it has been within my mind! I have to get out of the prison I have made for myself at work, and in other parts of my life as well! To be fair to myself, I am doing very good in terms of managing myself recently. My relationship with people and myself has improved quite a bit over the past few months. I still get stuck in a rut - feeling totally worthless and filled with disgust and self-hatred - but am able to struggle through these 'natural' emotions and come on top in some time.

Blogging would definitely improve my sense of self.

The new Golmaal

Laugh-riot of a movie! Watched Golmaal today with some friends; it is quite funny; had everyone in splits all the time; the jokes kept coming non stop :)

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Jungle Lodges : Exotic adventure vacations in and around Bangalore

Discovered this cool website while looking for places to go on a short outing with family while I am in Bangalore during Deepavali this year. Most of the places are very near to Bangalore City. Seems like a nice way to enjoy nature as well as spend some quality time with near and dear ones. Hopefully the experience will turn out to be as good as it is portrayed. The prices do seem reasonable. Kabini is rated to be the best one among these.

Dr. Laura rocks

She does rock!! I have read some of her books and regularly read some of the letters from her listeners, and I emphatically agree with the frequent sentiment expressed in those letters : "Dr. Laura, you rock!"

Here is an excerpt from her book Ten stupid things men do to mess up their lives - a letter from one of her listeners - which deeply touched me when I read it the first time:


I told myself that I would return to school as soon as the opportunity arose, but the moment never seemed right. I passed up the chance for advancement because it would mean spending time away from my family, and I soon settled into the grind of a 9 to 5 job that I really didn't enjoy. Another daughter came along three years later.

Eventually, I stopped thinking about my photography degree. That didn't stop me from complaining about my job or whining about the sacrifice I was making. I felt as if my family was all I had going for me. I felt like a loser. Somehow, I still missed the point.

It came to me one evening as I sat at the supper table with my wife and daughters, one now 13 the other 10. At first, I was simply watching them engage in the daily ritual of relating their day at school and thinking to myself how beautiful they were as they laughed. I realised that two happy and well-adjust kids sat before me. My wife and I had done something right in getting them to this point in their lives. I was suddenly filled with a deep sense of contentment and accomplishment.

I knew at that moment that I had been doing something worthwhile all these years and it was more worthwhile than anything else I could have been doing. In the process, I had found what many men never found. I had not found it in my work, or the kind of car I drive, or the house I own. I had found a sense of contentment through my family.

I never finished photography school, although I may someday. I continue to shoot photos as a hobby, and feel that my best shots are those of my wife and daughters.

Signed, Tom